Thursday, July 3, 2008

This layout is the second week's classes from the Jessica Sprague class that I am taking.  When we went on vacation last week we visited the Wildlife Ranch in San Antonio.  The kids had a blast seeing all of the animals and trying to feed them from the car.  They would get a little nervous when an animal would actually come and stick it's nose in the car!  The ostriches were the most aggressive- we kept the windows closed whenever they were around!

The funniest part of the visit was that Caleb (who is an aspiring Rock Star) decided that he really needed to play his guitar the entire trip through the ranch.  I am sure that we are the first people who have serenaded the animals in such a fashion!  He did finally decide to come and take a closer look at the animals just as we came to the ostriches.  Suddenly an ostrich was pecking on the window because he could see the food.  We were all laughing and hoping that the ostrich couldn't actually break the window when Caleb suddenly jumped up and said "Oh, I have to sing a song about this".  Thus ended our brief bit of silence on the drive!  

The funniest things about Caleb's songs that he "writes" are that apparently they all have to include the phrase "oh yeah, today" multiple times.  Maybe we should teach him some new words!

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