Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Have you ever had a moment when your heart stopped beating?  I just did!!  I was helping Jenna with her homework and I kept thinking that I smelled something funny.  Since Micah is the one that is usually in trouble I didn't worry too much because he was sleeping.  Then Caleb comes around the corner with his hands behind his back...that's always trouble!  I finally get him to show me his hands and they are covered in nail polish.  Not a soft pink nail polish but a dark plum colored nail polish.  Then the investigation began....where was the rest of that nail polish and what was it on?  The bad news was that it was all over my beautiful, fairly new berber carpet in my bedroom.  I was imagining buying some large rug to cover up a lot of carpet!!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the internet?  Well, let me tell you it has saved my life on many occasions.  So once I saw the nail polish I ran to the computer and googled "nail polish stain in carpet".  At first I was discouraged because it said the trim the stain out of the carpet which is impossible to do with berber carpet.  Then I found another site that said to use some mixture of dry cleaning fluid and ammonia.  (I don't know about you but I usually don't keep dry cleaning fluid close at hand!!)  

Finally I found a site that had a suggestion that I could easily try.  In case you ever need this information it was to pour hot water over the stain and keep it wet throughout the cleaning process.  Then spray the stain with hairspray and pour rubbing alcohol over it.  Well, believe it or not it seems to have worked- it took quite a lot of scrubbing and reapplying the cleaners.  Worst case there might be a little pink tinge to the carpet but it looks like it all came out.

So I am relieved and Caleb doesn't know it but he should be too!  

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Melody said...

Just for the record, I DO have dry cleaning solvent! Lucky, lucky Caleb!