Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sea World Page 2

This week I have been working on another page to match the Sea World page that I posted before.  After we complete a page following the directions in the course she encourages us to make another page and use the elements that we have learned so that we get more experience.  I am actually catching on to some of the techniques enough that I can do them without having to look back at the instructions.  

I decided to continue with the Sea World pictures so that hopefully I can have all of our vacation photos done in a scrapbook by the time this course is complete.  

If you have never tried digital scrapbooking it really is amazing.  I am thrilled every day with how easy it is to find little shortcuts that make something that looks difficult seem so easy.  And as always I can't recommend the classes that I am taking from Jessica Sprague enough- she really makes learning fun!

Jessica Sprague's Digi: In Deep Week one course materials

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